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Course 1 (Basic)
Global Success Solution, Inc. Services
Week 1:
Introduction to SAP Configuration
Download SAP GUI (if needed)
Introduction to BPP’s
Download Screen Hunter (or other software)
  oCreate BPPs using Screen Hunter 
Plant Configuration
  oBPP Create a Plant
  oBPP Create a Storage Location 
  oAssign Storage Location to Plant

Week 2:
Warehouse Management (WM) Configuration
   oBPP Create Warehouse
      Create Storage Bins
      Create Racks
      Create Areas
Manage the Delivery

Week 3:
Introduction to Material Management (MM)
  oBPP Create a Material (as end-user) – raw, semi and finished
  oBPP Create a Company Code
  oBPP Create a Purchasing Organization
  oAssign Purchasing Organization to the Company Code 
  oAssign Purchasing Organization to Plant 
  oBPP Create a Purchasing Group 
  oAssign a Purchasing Group to Plant and Company Code 

Week 4:
Introduction to SAP Tables
  oBPP Create a Purchase Order (end-user)
  oBPP Create a Invoice
Production Planning and Execution (PP) Configuration
  oBPP Procure to Pay on a Material 
  oBPP Process Material Invoice

Week 5:
Sales and Distribution (SD) Configuration
  oBPP Create a Customer
  oBPP Create a Vendor 
  oBPP Create a Sales Order 

Week 6:
BPP Plan to Produce – Made to Order (MTO)
BPP Plan to Produce – Made to Stock (MTS) 
BPP Plan to Procure with Existing Material 
BPP Bill of Material (BOM) 

Week 7:
Testing – Requirements and Deliverables
Reporting and Analysis
  oPrint Out

Week 8:
Review of the course
Overview of SAP Job Roles for this course
Introduction to Course 2
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