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Course 2 (Advanced)
Global Success Solution, Inc. Services
Week 1:
SAP Course 2 Overview
Quick Review of Past Course
Introduction to SAP Best Practices
Introduction to Quality Management (QM)
  oLogistics Supply Chain (SCM)
  oProduction (PP)
  oSales and Distribution (SD)
Week 2:
Introduction to Financial Accounting (FI)
Introduction to Organization Elements in Financial Accounting and Controlling
  oBPP Define Controlling Area
  oBPP Assign Company Code to Controlling Area
  oBPP Maintain Standard Hierarchy for Controlling Area
Financial Accounting Master Data  
  oBPP How to Create GL Account
  oBPP How to Check GL Account
  oBPP Define Business Area/Segment
  oGeneral Ledger Master Data
  oProfit Center and Segment
  oCustomer Master Data 
  oVendor Master Data 
Documents in Accounting
  oBPP Create chart of Accounts
  oBPP Create Cost Elements Master Data
  oBPP Define Credit Control Area
  oBPP Create Internal Service Cost Center
  oBPP Maintain Financial Management Area
  oBPP Posting Payment
  oDocument Structure
  oPosting Periods
  o Documents in Financial Accounting
Week 3:
Posting Control(Accounts Receivable and Payable)
  oDocument Splitting
  oDefault Values
  oDocument Reversal 
  oPayment Terms and Cash Discount
  oCross Company Code Transactions
  oPayment Differences
  oExchange Rate Differences
Week 4: 
Clearing in Financial Accounting
  oOpen Item Clearing
  oIncoming Payments (AP) 
  oOutgoing Payments
Asset Accounting
  oMaster Data
  oPosting in asset Accounting
Week 5:
Introduction to Controlling
Overview of Controlling
Overview of Production Cost Planning in Management Accounting 
Material Costs
  oMaterial Master
  oUnit Cost Estimate
  oWith Quantity Structure
Preparing for Production
Costing Run
Week 6:
Sales Order Related Production Costing
Product Cost by Period Made to Order Production Costing
Introduction to Financial Reporting in SAP 
Week 7:
Introduction to Report Writer/Report Painter
  oCreating Reports
  oModel Rows and Columns
  oSections and Horizontal Pages
  oFormatting Reports
Information Systems
  oFinancial Analytics 
Week 8:
Information Systems Analytics (continued) 
  oBI Analytics
Review of the course
Overview of SAP Job Roles for this course
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