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End User Course
Global Success Solution, Inc. Services
Week 1
Introduction to SAP ERP ( Enterprise Resource Planning)
SAP Course Introduction
Section 01 – SAP ECC Overview 
Section 02 – Navigation 
Section 03 – System wide Concepts 

Week 2
Installation and downloads of Applications/GUI
  oBPP to access Consolut Server
Sections 14 & 06 - Materials Management (MM)
  oHands on BPP to create a Material (Raw, Semi, Finished)
Section 04 – Sales and Distribution (SD)
  oHands on BPP to Create a Customer 
  oHands on BPP to Create a Vendor 
  oHands on BPP to Create a Sales/Standard Order 
  oHands on BPP to Create a Purchase Order

Week 3
Section 15 – Warehouse Management (WM)
“Lean” Warehouse Management
Manage the Delivery Process 

Week 4
Section 05 - Production Planning (PP) and Execution
  oHands on BPP to Process Material Invoice
  oHands on BPP for Plan to Produce – Made to Order (MTO) 

Week 4 (cont’d)
Section 5 (cont’d)
  oHands on BPP for Plan to Produce –Made to Stock (MTS) 
  oHands on BPP for Plan to Procure with Existing Material
  oHands on BPP for Bill of Material (BOM) 

Week 5
Section 10 – Quality Management (QM)
Section 09 – Reporting and Analysis 
Section 11 – Customer Service 
Section 13 – Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Week 6
Section 7 – Finance and Accounting (FI)
  oGeneral Ledger
  oAccounts Receivables
  Hands on BPP to Create MIRO
  Hands on BPP to Create MIGO
  oAccounts Payables
Section 8 – Controlling (CO) 

Week 7
Section 12 – Supply Chain Management (SCM)
Section 19 – Business Objects (BO) 
Section 20 – Business Intelligence (BI)

Week 8
Overview of SAP Job Roles 
Introduction to Configuration 
SAP Documentation 
  oDesktop Procedures 
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